Mariquitas is the name given to plantain chips in a region of Cuba (Oriente).
It was a popular item sold by street vendors in Cuba.

In the early 1960s, Mariquitas was brought to the U.S., and has been manufactured in Miami, FL since then. Today, it has become one of the leading plantain chips brands in the United States.

The Natura brand was born in 2001 as a gourmet snack line, created after many years of experience producing unique and healthy snacks in the South Florida area. With Natura, we offer a healthy yet flavorful snack produced with the highest quality standards in mind.

Natura Chips are made to have a specialty gourmet cut in order to embody the vegetable’s true flavors. This unique slant cut makes them great to eat alone or with any dipping sauce of choice.

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Bag Available Flavors Pack Size
natura-plantain Regular 7 oz and 2 oz
natura-ripe Ripe 7 oz
natura-lime Lime 7 oz and 2 oz
natura-sweetpotato  Sweet Potato  5 oz and 2 oz
natura-taro Taro 5 oz and 2 oz

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