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Plantain Chip

Delicious quality snacks for over four decades.

At ARA Food Corp., we proudly call ourselves "The Home of the Plantain Chip.” Founded as the manufacturer of the most popular tropical snack – the plantain chip – 40 years later we still believe in providing the freshest, highest-quality chips and the most satisfying and healthy snacking experience possible.

Headquartered in Paradise

From our headquarters in Miami, Florida, our mission is to provide the alternative chips market with the best plantain chips, yucca chips and other delicious snack food items.


Founded in 1975 by Alberto R. Abrante, we've grown into one of South Florida's largest snack manufacturers serving distributors and retailers throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

First To Market

Backed by a proven track record of more than 40 years of consistent quality, accuracy and safety controls, we pride ourselves in having the least number of days from production to store delivery in the market. This quick turnaround time is what makes our product's freshness unique in this industry.


In order to alleviate the limited shelf space available, we have created a variety of display options for our products.

Pallet Display

Allows display of products in strategic location at retail facilties.

Distribution Expertise

That goes the extra mile.

Whether you need a pallet or a full trailer, ARA Food Corp's distribution team is here for you. Our vast shipping network allows us to have your product delivered in a fast ,efficient and hassle free manner. When it's crunch time we deliver.

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